Green Control

The GreenControl system is designed to automatically measure and control the climate in a greenhouse. A set of sensors placed inside the greenhouse are used to measure temperature and humidity, while another set placed outside are used to measure wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation and to detect if it is raining or not. The acquired data is used to control of up to four types of windows (left side, right side, left side roof and right side roof), shade screen, inflation, heating, ventilation and fog, in order to keep conditions inside the greenhouse under strict control.

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Ambient temperature sensor

Digital sensor, with easy replacement if breakdown, because doesn't need calibration. If a more accurate measurement is required (e.g., in long greenhouses) it is possible to install up to 5 temperature sensors. The GreenControl will automatically determine the average temperature. No additional setup is required. If a sensor goes out of working the system automatically excludes its reading and keeps on reading the remaining sensors, using only their information to calculate the average temperature.

Relative humidity sensor

Digital sensor, which should be connected to the system using the same 100 Ohm category 5 cable of temperature sensor, saving in handles and cables. If a more accurate measurement is required (e.g., in long greenhouses) it is possible to install up to 2 humidity sensors. The GreenControl will automatically determine the average humidity level. No additional setup is required.

Wind sensor

Includes both wind speed and wind direction sensors. Rugged components stand up to hurricane-force winds, yet are sensitive to the lightest breeze. Vane is hand-balanced for optimal stability and accuracy. Sealed stainless steel ball bearings for long life.

Wind and lux detector

Includes both wind speed and lux sensors.

Rain detector

Capacity rain sensor, with heating to fast rain stop detection. Dry contact output.

Rain gauge

Self-emptying tipping-bucket design is exceptionally accurate (0,2 mm). Dry contact output. The collector is designed for years of accurate, trouble-free service. The body and base of the collector are constructed of tough UV resistant plastic; the tipping bucket pivots on bearings that minimize friction and wear.

Sunlight sensor

Diffuser element and housing are carefully designed for accurate cosine response. Silicon photo diode provides good match to solar spectrum. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, allows convection cooling of the sensor, and prevents the trapping of water or dust.
Range: 0 - 1500 W/m².

Green Control Software

The GreenControl may be connected to a personal computer (PC), making its operation and control more easy and intuitive. Moreover, a set of new features are enabled, like the registration of internal configuration settings or the generation of sensors and actuators logs.
It is possible to operate and control up to 20 GreenControl devices from a single computer.

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